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Ct, 30.07.2016

Welcome to Erdek Chamber of Commerce Web Site

Although I was not born here, the excitement of starting the first periodical of Erdek Chamber of Commerce and the pride of being the first female president of Erdek Chamber of Commerce has strengthened my bonds with this district once more. In the upcoming period, one of the main tasks of myself, my administration and my council is to ensure that the goals, the vision and the mission we have set in accordance with our itinerary make a distinguishable contribution to the commercial life of Erdek in this period.
We are aware of the responsibilities we have taken as an institution in line with the structuring we aim to achieve. In time, our Chamber’s determination will create awareness in Erdek’s commercial and social life. 
I have been a part of Erdek Chamber of Commerce since 1999. Accepting a corporate governance philosophy that highlights team work, the Chamber has moved step by step towards its goals to this day. It is an honour for me to carry the flag I have taken from my president and teammate towards our goals for two periods including this one with the same team spirit as in the previous periods. The responsibility I have taken is not only a first for me but also for the region and even for the Union of Chambers within this period. I am the first female president of Erdek Chamber of Commerce and currently the only female president among all other Chambers. 
It is a privilege but apart from that, being the president does not make any significant changes for me personally. On the other hand, I will experience the effects of this situation in the male world with you. Even if it is accepted to be a privilege to get the chance to have a leading role as a woman in Turkey’s existing reality, this first time situation in Erdek may possibly promote more positive impacts. In order to enhance the service quality, our Chamber has primarily focused on the Quality Management System, and following an inspection of the Turkish Standards Institution, we have obtained quality certification. Again, in order to enhance the service quality in 2012, our Chamber has initiated TOBB Accreditation preparations, undergone an inspection of Türk Loyd, which is an independent inspection institution, and has taken an important step within this period. 
In this new administration period, as part of the accreditation procedures, Erdek Chamber of Commerce intends to prepare a Strategic Plan for the first time with the contribution of its stakeholders and exercise Strategic Management to upgrade its institutional structure to competence level in order to reach the goals set by the stakeholders.  From now on, with the attendance and contribution of all our members, local institutions and the prominent figures of our city, we shall direct our whole energy and resources to achieve our Main Strategic Goals. 
In line with our strategic plan that is currently in progress, our vision entails our Chamber to support the development of Tourism, Agriculture, Trade and Environmentalist Industry in our region through efficient, effective and useful services we provide and to become a reformer and trustworthy institution with an exemplary institutional service infrastructure and quality whose membership is favored and privileged. On the other hand our mission entails us to keep our members well informed, to protect their rights and interests, to strengthen them by means of regional, national and international competition, to enhance the technical staff infrastructure, to establish new commercial connections and improve the existing ones, to have an active role in the implementation of ethical rules in trade, to increase the service diversity and quality, to have a participatory and transparent administration philosophy, to support the promotion of our district and its economy as well as  the social, cultural and economical developement of our region, to play a preemptive and reconciliatory leadership role as an institution. 
As the Chairman of the Board of Erdek Chamber of Commerce, I assure you that we are not promising to move mountains, make the impossible possible or make the dream a reality. Our goal is to ensure that our rapidly emerging region regains its once strong but long lost position in Turkish tourism history, to give the necessary momentum to its commercial life, to increase the attention on its multitude of wonders and to become a leading institution in the region that guides its members. In light of the 5 Golden Rules of Commerce declared by Mr. Rifat Hisarciklioğlu, the Chairman of The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and accepted by our members as commercial rules of ethic, which include: “one who trusts the memory always fails, first check then trust, you can save money not by making more but spending less, the trick of business is honesty, there can be no “keeping up the appearances” at work”, we promise to contribute to our members in their development process, support them to overcome all the obstacles in their lives, enable them to reach a financial and spiritual welfare by way of a perfect “solution” and to constantly stand by them on this path we take, to be there for them, to widen their horizons and to realize our shared dreams for the future.  
Best regards,
F.Özlem Sarı