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Ct, 30.07.2016

Our Mission

In addition to our legal responsibilities, developing Tourism, Agriculture, Trade and Environmentalist Industry through activities in local, national and global scale in order to develop the economy of Erdek in general.

✔ Keeping our members up-to-date with the recent developments in business world.  

✔ Protecting the rights and interests of our members.  

✔ Implementing a participatory and transparent administration

✔ Introducing our district to national and international business world. 

✔ Strengthening our members in national and international competition, enhancing their technical infrastructure and personnel quality, providing the establishment of trade connections and improving the existing relations.

✔ Playing an active role in the implementation of ethical rules in trade

✔ Increasing the range of our Institution’s services and service quality.

✔ Contributing to the social, cultural and economical development of the region. 

✔ Becoming a leading reconciliatory Institution in our region’s business life that promotes solidarity.