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Ct, 30.07.2016

Our Vision

BIn the development of our region’s Tourism, Agriculture, Trade and Environmentalist Industry, being a reformer and trustworthy institution with an exemplary institutional service infrastructure and quality whose membership is favored and privileged. 

✔ Leading Tourism, Agriculture, Trade and Environmentalist investments.  

✔ Displaying a participative administration, objective, with strong lobby activities effective in regional and national business world.  

✔ Using all its resources in a planned and effective manner in the economical development of our region.  

✔ Creating a working culture with the participation of all the local actors of Erdek,  

✔ Using the arbitration tool to solve potential ambiguities between our members  

✔ Being an institution that puts its logistical and technical infrastructure into disposal of its members in the context of service quality, communication, accessibility, awareness and visibility.