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Erdek Population

Almost all of the population is made up of immigrants from Salonika and Crete who came here in the excambion. The population is composed by Local Manav population, Pomaks from Selonika and Karacaova, Bosnians, Cretans, Pomaks from Tikves, Circassians, Romans and people from the Black Sea region. Ocaklar, Narlı, Ilhanlar, Doganlar and Turanlar villages are mostly populated by Pomaks from Karacaova. However, a small number of Cretans immigrants live in Narlı and İlhanlar villages. Düzler, Yeniköy (Belkıs), Yukarı Yapıcı and Ballıpınar villages are populated by Pomaks from Kavala. There are 2 towns and 21 villages connected to the city center.