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Erdek Social Life

The most important agricultural activity in the region is olive cultivation after tourism. Red onion growing and fishery are also common. In the Pomak villages, the population still communicate through their mother tongue – Pomak language. Certain indigenous Pomak foods such asZelnukBöreği, kapama, sinipidesi, şişerka, mancatikvinik, pitilisa, langitka, kurmidnibanik are still made in Pomak villages. Cretans are famous for their meals with olive oil and several grasses. The elderly people of Cretans speak their mother tongue –Cretan Greek- amongst themselves. Greek names of villages are still in use within the people of the region like Gonya (Ocaklar), Rutya (Narlı), Erek (İlhanlar), Dragonda (Doğanlar), Fatya (Turanlar) villages. In the county and the villages as well, people speak Turkish with a Rumelian accent. Beya, be, bre, mari, eey, len, üle are among these utterances. There are around 301 workplaces as of Mart 2000 in the county, 19,3 % of which are working in food production, 18,9% restaurant and cafeteria, 14,3% clothing, 13,9% personal services and 13,7% furniture sector. Agriculture is an important economic field in this region, as a result of availability of terrain and climate, there is a great diversity of production. 7,840 of 30,630 total hectare of the region is allocated for agriculture. 17,686 hectare of the remaining land is occupied by forest. As well as wheat, barley, beans, broad bean, red pepper, red onion and olive, apple, pear, cherry, peach, apricot, walnut are also grown. Red onion and olive are among the most crucial of the other agricultural products. Olive production is carried out in a 4,195 hectare area, and the yield is around 5,220 tons. 7,500 ton of Red onion is harvested in 1,500 decare of land.