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Erdek Tourism

Erdek is a popular summer resort center for people living in Bandırma, Susurluk, and Bursa. Densely forested inner parts of Kapıdağ are also attractive and and widely used for Nature Tourism. Untouched villages of Pomak immigrants are also found in this region. Kapıdağ region was one of the most heavily Greek-populated areas in Anatolia before the declaration of Republic.

The remains of the ancient city of Kyzikos are exhibited in Bandırma Museum of Archaeology. Tomb stelas unearthed are also exhibited in the Museum. Dolions are known to have been the first people to live in Kyzikos – a city 10-12 km from Erdek, where a prosperous nation lived, the founder of which is known to be King Kyzikos. Hadrian’s Temple, Kyzikos Amphitheater, Hexagonal Towers, Bouleuterion, the temple built in the name of the sons of Bergama Queen Apoolonis, KirazlıYayla Monastery are among what reached us today.

“Erdek Festival” has been organized by the Municipality since 1990 is a medium of Culture and Art activities. Erdek, a forerunner of Tourism in Turkey, has one of the best beaches of our country. Along its 12 km. long beaches are touristic hotels, motels and resting areas.